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We provide not only products, but concrete solutions to your needs. Discover the selection of articles with in-depth information on the industrial finishing sector.

Print Innovation in 3D

Find out how innovation and creativity come together in AIRCOM®: this is how we produce customized products.

Read more 21 July 2022

Internationalization and Made in Italy

Internationalization and Made in Italy merge: the certified Italian character of the products is now ready to travel internationally.

Read more 18 May 2022

Digital transformation in a green key

Discover AIRCOM®’s green transformation: new technologies and a new sustainable commitment, now online on the new website.

Read more 4 April 2022

Sustainability in the world of tannery

The tannery has the role of guiding the fashion industry towards sustainability: find out how AIRCOM® promotes this commitment.

Read more 28 May 2021

How to spray release agents and glues

Discover AIRCOM® products recommended for the footwear industry for spraying release agents and glues for soles and footwear.

Read more 23 March 2021

Brand: identity and values of a company

Find out what the brand means, what its characteristics and the company’s values are.

Read more 24 February 2021