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Only original spare parts

5 June 2024

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Certified Raw Materials
  3. The Right Seal
  4. Head, Needle, and Nozzle
  5. Longer Duration
  6. Conclusion


In the field of automatic spray guns, the use of original spare parts is essential to ensure optimal performance and long equipment life during maintenance. This article explores the main reasons why it is advisable to use only original spare parts for Aircom spray guns, with a focus on certified raw materials, special compound seals, mechanical coupling of head, rod, and nozzle, and longer duration.

Discover how to extend the life cycle of your products and achieve high-quality finishes with each use by following proper maintenance.


Certified Raw Materials

One of the main advantages of using original Aircom spare parts is the assurance of raw material quality. Original components are made from certified materials, selected to withstand the most demanding operating conditions. Using non-certified materials can compromise the integrity of the spray system, reducing efficiency and longevity while increasing the risk of failures.

Why it matters:

  • Consistent quality: Certified materials ensure uniform and reliable performance.
  • Durability: Greater resistance to wear and corrosion, crucial for industrial applications.

The Right Seal

Seals are critical components in spray guns as they ensure proper liquid sealing and maintain internal pressure. Aircom uses special compound seals, specifically designed for their spray guns, ensuring perfect sealing for any type of fluid and long service life.

Why it matters:

  • Perfect sealing: Special compound seals offer superior sealing, suitable for any fluid, and ensure a consistent flow.
  • Durability: Greater resistance to aggressive chemicals and high pressures, reducing the frequency of replacement and maintenance. Seals suitable for high temperatures are also available on request.

Head, Needle, and Nozzle

The mechanical coupling of head, needle, and nozzle is another crucial aspect of spray guns. Original Aircom spare parts are designed for precise coupling, ensuring uniform and high-quality spraying. Using non-original components can lead to misalignment, causing irregular spraying and material waste.

Why it matters:

  • Precision: Precise coupling ensures the material is sprayed uniformly.
  • Efficiency: Minimizes spraying defects, improving efficiency, and reducing operational costs.

Longer Duration

Using original Aircom spare parts helps extend the life of spray guns. Original components are designed to work in synergy, reducing wear and the need for frequent replacements. This results in long-term economic savings and greater equipment reliability.

Why it matters:

  • Long-term reliability: Reduces the risk of sudden failures, ensuring continuous production.
  • Savings: Fewer maintenance interventions and replacements, leading to overall reduced operational costs.


Using only original spare parts for Aircom spray guns is a smart choice that ensures quality, safety, and longevity. Investing in certified components specifically designed for Aircom equipment not only improves performance but also protects your long-term investment. For those operating in the automatic spraying sector, choosing original spare parts is a fundamental step towards operational excellence.


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