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Focus on Accessories

2 May 2024



AIRCOM places great value on careful listening to market needs and customer feedback. Based on this valuable information, the AIRCOM R&D team tirelessly works to develop innovative and technologically advanced solutions to optimize spraying and atomization processes and deliver top-quality results.

AIRCOM’s innovation extends not only to the development of new spray guns but also to the design of accessories and components, specifically tailored to optimize machine performance and meet the diverse needs of users.

Accessories for Spray Guns

Let’s discover the products designed by AIRCOM to complement spray guns.

QRB: Quick Release for Fast Gun Change

The AIRCOM QRB system allows for the removal of automatic guns from the system with a simple hand gesture, without the need for tools or long system stops. This saves time and increases efficiency during gun change operations.

The QRB is designed to complement the following gun models:

  • LR110-Q
  • LR120-Q
  • 50TH.2-Q-X
  • 50TH.2-QS-X
  • 50TH.2 HVLP-Q-X
  • 50TH.2 HVLP-QS-X

QRB2: Evolved Quick Release

The AIRCOM QRB2 is an evolution of the previous model. Smaller in size to perfectly match the gun, the QRB2 allows for quick removal of the FF from the spraying system by simply pulling the side handle: this also automatically stops the flow of liquid circulating in the system. Spraying resumes by attaching the gun to the block, which is done with a simple press.

The QRB2 is designed to complement the following gun models:

  • FF-Q
  • FF-Q-SE (in its QRB2-SE version)

QCC: Hassle-Free Product Change

AIRCOM has designed a product change system, the QCC, which allows for product changes on a set of guns without stopping the production line. The QCC allows, in various operating modes, for washing and/or loading the circuit not connected to the gun’s power supply, resulting in significant time savings by performing this operation in “shadow time”. During the product change phase, there is a quick wash of the gun’s nozzle and spray head, followed by switching to the next programmed operation by enabling the previously loaded circuit.

The QCC is AIRCOM’s accessory compatible with all gun models.

HSB: Cutting-Edge Heating

Finally, AIRCOM’s HSB is a heating device that allows the gun body to remain at a temperature of approximately 45°C, maintaining the fluidity of the product to be dispensed. The accessory is particularly suitable for spraying food and non-food liquids, for which a specific temperature is required during the spraying phase.

The HSB is designed to complement the QRB2 in gun models:

  • FF-Q
  • FF-Q-SE (in its QRB2-SE version)


AIRCOM accessories are designed to optimize the performance of AIRCOM spray guns and meet the diverse needs of customers. With its wide range of products, AIRCOM offers the ideal solution for every atomization application.


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