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Spray Guns on Robots

20 March 2024

The evolution of robots in industries: from aerospace to footwear

In the modern industrial landscape, the use of robots is revolutionizing production processes in sectors ranging from aerospace to the footwear industry. In particular, the use of robots for spraying, both on aerospace components and for the application of release agents in molds in the footwear sector, is leading to significant improvements in terms of quality, efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Robotization in the aerospace industry: precision and reliability

The aerospace industry is known for its rigorous standards in quality and safety. In this context, robots have become a key element for spraying protective coatings on various components (such as, for example, seat frames that are then installed on airplanes). These coatings are therefore crucial to protect the structure from wear and corrosion.
The robots used for this operation are equipped with advanced navigation and control systems, which allow them to move with millimeter precision along the surface of the components which can have the most different dimensions. Thanks to their programmability, the robots can adapt to different geometries and configurations, ensuring uniform and complete coverage of the protective coating. This not only improves the durability and safety of aircraft, but also reduces processing times and overall operating costs.

Robotic applications in the footwear industry: towards more efficient production

Even in the footwear industry, robots are changing the way production processes are managed. A key application is the use of robots to spray mold release agents. These release agents are essential to ensure easy extraction of the shoes from the molds during the production process.
The automation of this operation through the use of robots offers numerous advantages. First, robots are able to apply release agents with astonishing precision and consistency, minimizing the risk of defects in the final products. Furthermore, the automation of this phase of the process production leads to greater efficiency, reducing cycle times and increasing the overall productivity of the plant.

The robotic future of industries

The integration of robots into production processes, both in the aerospace and footwear industries, represents only the beginning of a broader transformation in the industrial world. Automation and the adoption of advanced technologies are enabling companies to improve quality, efficiency and
safety of their products, keeping pace with growing challenges and consumer expectations.
Looking ahead, you can expect the use of robots to continue to grow, radically transforming the way products are designed and made in industries around the world.


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