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Range of automatic spray guns for the coating of automotive products

In the automotive sector, the painting phase is fundamental at the stage of the creation of the car. Car manufacturers use different types of paint to create a wide variety of effects: automatic finishing with robots, the creation of paint lines and the spraying of plastic and metal components inside and outside the car. The waxing phase is extremely important, during which an anti-corrosion protective agent is sprayed inside the car’s casings, ensuring a longer life for the bodywork.

AIRCOM® offers solutions for different applications, ensuring uniformity of finishing and saving on production costs.

ECO Series Gun

Type: HVLP

The AIRCOM® ECO is a product that respects the ecological side of industrial processes and focuses particularly on their environmental impact.


50 TH HVLP Series Gun

Type: HVLP

The AIRCOM® 50TH HVLP offers the possibility to switch from an HVLP gun to a standard pressure gun with the simple replacement of the nozzle and the head.


50TH Series Gun

Type: Conventional

The AIRCOM® 50TH offers the possibility to upgrade from a standard pressure spray gun to an HVLP gun with a simple change of the nozzle and the head.