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Accurate and reliable spray guns respectful of the environment and of health


Our products respect the environment because they create little overspray, so they do not pollute with atomizing mist and save paint during spraying. Our products are also environmentally friendly, as they are made of totally recyclable materials.


Our products save time and money. Being extremely precise, the paint that is sprayed ends up directly on the product, minimizing dispersion into the environment. It is also feasible to save time during production because the spray guns are high-performance durable items, and thanks to the implementation of our accessories, the finishin plant downtime is drastically reduced.


We are attentive to the choices of those who use our products, choosing 100% certified materials.
We are also attentive to the health of our employees. In fact, we create ergonomic working conditions in an environment surrounded by nature.
The large windows in both the offices and the production facilities ensure that all company collaborators come into contact with the natural external environment, in a work perspective inspired by the ideas of Adriano Olivetti.

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Our main plus is the possibility to customize products: we are a dynamic company with an inhouse design office, so customers can easily express their needs and feel satisfied.


We certify the products in the IPA Fraunhofer laboratories according to the UNI EN 13966-1 standard. We are also working on certifying ourselves as a company, in relation to atmospheric emissions and carbon footprint.

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We are efficient because we prepare tutorials for each product with the aim of using the spray gun correctly, of carrying out routine maintenance autonomously, and to show how the products work.

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Our products are easy to use and maintain. Our products are in fact designed so that all maintenance operations are simple and feasible independently by the end users, without our intervention being necessary.