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How do I find the right spray gun for the application I am interested in?

You can find the right spray gun for your application from the Solutions menu: you can select your target market and find spray guns designed to meet your needs. Alternatively, consult the article where we provide a brief guide to the choice.

What kind of heads, rods and nozzles are available for the spray guns?

We have created a head, rod, and nozzle matching chart for each spray gun in order to make it quick and easy to choose from the available parts. For further assistance, please see the Support section to contact us.

Where can I purchase spare parts?

Please refer to the Support section to contact us and we will get back to you in a short time.

My spray gun is no longer working optimally. Which can be the reasons and how can I repair it?

To adjust your spray gun, you can perform one of the following actions:
1. Check that the spray gun has been properly cleaned: check the condition of the rod and the nozzle and whether the air cap is clogged on the holes.
2. Check the air pressure and try adjusting the fan again.
3. Check the shaft, nozzle, and the head for signs of damage. If the problem persists, we invite you to consult the instruction manual of the spray gun, in the Troubleshooting section, and our YouTube channel, where you will find videos for the correct use and maintenance of the product.

How can I clean and maintain my spray gun?

Consult the instruction manual of the spray gun in the Maintenance and Cleaning section: you will find all the information necessary to clean the spray gun and ensure its adequate functioning. Also, consult our YouTube channel, where you will find explanatory videos on how to clean the product.

How much grammage can a spray gun give according to the diameter of the nozzle?

For each spray gun we have created a table with all the technical data necessary for the correct operation of the gun, and with all the information on the weight of a product according to the size of the nozzle: consult the page of the spray gun for more information or the Technical Data section of the instruction manual.