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21 February 2024

The Art of Confectionery Decorating Taken to New Levels with Automatic Spray Guns

In the world of artistic pastry making, chablonage represents a sophisticated technique for decorating cakes, which is experiencing a renaissance thanks to modern innovations, including the use of automatic spray guns. This methodology offers pastry chefs the ability to create edible works of art with unprecedented precision. Let’s explore the fascinating world of chablonage and the crucial role of automatic pistols in its evolution.

What is Chablonage

The term “chablonage” comes from the French “chablon”, which means “matte” or “template”. In the past, this technique involved using patterns or templates to apply an even layer of tempered chocolate to a surface, creating intricate, detailed designs on cakes, cookies and other sweet treats.

Chablonage with Automatic Spray Guns

In recent years, chablonage has undergone a revolution thanks to the introduction of robot-mounted automatic spray guns. These devices allow pastry chefs to precisely apply tempered chocolate or other decorative materials across templates, creating elaborate designs with unprecedented ease and speed.

Manufacturing Method

  1. Model Preparation: The process begins with the preparation of the desired model, which can be made on paper or food-grade plastic materials.
  2. Preparing Tempered Chocolate: The chocolate is tempered to ensure optimal consistency and a shiny finish.
  3. Loading the Automatic Spray Gun: The tempered chocolate is loaded into the automatic spray gun.
  4. Chocolate Application: Holding the gun at an appropriate distance from the model, the chocolate is sprayed evenly onto the surface across the model.
  5. Solidifying and Removing the Template: Once the chocolate has solidified, the template is gently removed to reveal the design or pattern transferred onto the surface of the sweet.

Advantages of Chablonage with Automatic Spray Guns

  • Precision: Automatic guns allow extreme precision in chocolate spraying, allowing you to create complex designs with meticulous details.
  • Speed: This method allows you to create elaborate decorations in much shorter times than traditional chablonage.
  • Versatility: The automatic guns can be used with a wide range of decorative materials, in addition to chocolate, such as colored icings or fondant.

Chablonage with automatic spray guns represents a significant evolution in the confectionery decoration technique. Thanks to this innovation, pastry chefs can transform simple desserts into edible works of art with extraordinary detail and in record time. As technology advances, chablonage continues to prove that art and science can converge to create extraordinary gastronomic experiences.


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