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Complete Systems

This is how AIRCOM® is committed to providing you with a complete system.

We’re not just automatic spray guns.

AIRCOM, in collaboration with selected partners, can support you by creating complete spraying control systems, designed and developed according to your specific needs.
We can also supply pumping systems and tanks.
Our solutions, easy and quick to install, are suitable for both integration into existing process lines and stand-alone.

A complete system, ready to use.

Discover some of the products supplied.




With the collaboration of selected partners, we create electro-pneumatic panels for the control of spraying systems, according to customer specifications and in compliance with current regulations.

Our pneumatic panels consist of painted metal or stainless steel panels, including all connections. To accompany the pneumatic panels, we create the relevant diagrams.

To complete it, it is possible to choose between the use of plastic, nickel-plated brass or stainless steel fittings, as well as pipes of different diameters and materials.


We can supply electrical systems with management PLC, including operator panel, power supply and connections.

The boxes for electrical systems can be supplied in painted metal or stainless steel, according to the specific needs of the customer.


Depending on the customer’s specific needs, we are able to supply a suitable suction pump for liquids, complete with pipes and accessories.


Upon customer request, to complete a complete system, we can supply tanks for liquids, customized in size and construction material, according to individual needs.

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