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Automatic guns

Our automatic spray guns

AIRCOM® has been designing and manufacturing automatic spray guns for more than 50 years. We are committed to providing everything necessary for a quality finish on every material.

Discover our automatic spray gun models, including Conventional, Airless, HVLP and Special ones, and check out all the accessories designed to fit our guns.


Conventional guns have a high adaptability to different types of processing and are designed to meet the needs of different markets.


Heated products allow you to heat the gun body up to 45°C and maintain the temperature to ensure perfect atomization of hot fluids.

Discover the available products.


HVLP spray guns have a high air flow and low outlet pressure thus making it possible to reduce the number of passes during painting.


The Special guns are highly adaptable to different types of processing and are designed for spraying particular fluids.


Airless spray guns are light and compact and make it possible to reduce production times while maintaining an excellent surface finishing.