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HVLP for 30 years

26 January 2024

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) atomization gun technology has revolutionized the finishing sector, offering advanced solutions to obtain impeccable finishes with a reduced environmental impact. In this article, we will explore the world of HVLP guns, focusing on how to choose the right technology based on different needs.

The Choice of Atomization Technology

Atomizer selection is a crucial step in creating high-quality products. Let us consider, meanwhile, that the term atomizer can refer to a wide range of products, including valves, spray nozzles, spray heads and many others, for which the operation is the same.

HVLP products, in particular, stand out for their ability to deliver a high volume of air at low pressure, exploiting the air flow to ensure an excellent finish with lower operating pressures. Suitable for a wide range of products, from paints to glues, resins to adhesives, these guns offer flexibility and precision in the choice of components, such as head and nozzle, to adapt to specific production requirements.

AIRCOM® Experience: Superior Quality HVLP Guns

In the panorama of HVLP guns, AIRCOM® stands out for the innovation and quality of its products, reducing overspray and improving the overall efficiency of the painting process: but what are the differences between atomizers?

1. AB gun
This volumetric gun with high air flow and low output pressure is designed to reduce the number of steps dedicated to pigmentation treatment, optimizing operational efficiency.

2. 50TH.2 HVLP gun
It offers the flexibility to switch from a standard pressure gun to a low overspray (HVLP) gun with a simple tip and head replacement, while maintaining exceptional finish quality.

3. ECO gun
Designed to reduce costs during the painting phase, this gun pays particular attention to the ecological aspect of industrial processes, minimizing the environmental impact.

4. B_54 gun
It guarantees maximum transfer efficiency and overspray tending towards 0%, contributing to greater precision in the painting process: this product was created in collaboration with the partner Barnini.

4. FF gun
The new arrival, designed to meet the demands of alternative markets to the tanning one, built entirely in stainless steel and with a series of accessories that allow it to be at the forefront of the technologies currently present on the market, the pharmaceutical & food and heavy industry sectors in particular.

HVLP technology represents a step forward allowing precise and efficient painting with reduced environmental impact. AIRCOM® HVLP guns offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of each sector, helping to improve the quality and efficiency of finishing operations.


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