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Spray guns for the finishing of any material

Aircom works to design and produce spray guns suitable for a wide range of sectors. We have gained over 50 years of experience in the tanning sector, customizing our products to achieve a high quality standard. Today we supply products for industrial finishing to the most diverse sectors, accompanying the customer in choosing the right solution to meet his needs.


Aircom offers solutions for different applications in the automotive sector, ensuring uniformity of finishing and saving on production costs.


Aircom guns intended for the food sector have internal components in suitable, certified materials and guarantee easy use.


AIRCOM® guns make the finishing of bottles and flasks easy to achieve thanks to the precision of the spray jet, the regulators and the low overspray, guaranteeing a uniform, long-lasting and precise painting, without loss of paint.


Aircom offers solutions for any type of application, guaranteeing durability over time, quality in atomizing and the possibility to customize the solution according to the characteristics of the final industry.


Aircom spray guns guarantee an excellent finishing on all types of leather, whether of bovine, ovine and caprine origin, or exotic leathers.
Getting an excellent finish on leather surfaces is simple with Aircom products. The choice between conventional, airless or high pressure guns allows you to find the right product for any finish, while maintaining uniform and precise spray patterns.

The choice of the type of gun depends on the quality and viscosity of the sprayed paint: the goal is to color the skin or create aesthetically special effects.

We guarantee an excellent finish on all types of leather, both of bovine origin, both of sheep and goat origin, both exotic leathers and leather.
The guns can also be used for eco-leather.


AIRCOM® spray guns guarantee a long-lasting and precise coating without paint loss. Spraying is made easy thanks to fan adjustment and low overspray.


Spraying on textile surfaces is made easy with AIRCOM®’s products: by spraying waxes, adhesives, protective liquids, or color, it is possible to obtain customized finishes for everyday textile objects.


AIRCOM® spray guns enable the spraying of coatings, primers, and protective liquids, thereby enhancing the wood surface.