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2021- ∞


Thanks to Treedom, we have planted 200 trees in South America, between Colombia, Guatemala and Ecuador and we decided to give these trees as gifts to customers and employees to thank them for their trust in us: the growth of the plant can be followed personally by the person to whom has been entrusted and this allows us to see the positive impact it is having on the environment and locals and is an incentive to continue planting trees to reforest the planet.

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Pullmino amico

We support the CISS38, which helps people who are unable to go to places of care and offices useful for carrying out bureaucratic procedures.


Eureka! Funziona

We collaborate with Confindustria on the Eureka! Funziona project, an orientation project promoted by Federmeccanica, in agreement with the MIM (Ministry of Education and Merit), intended for third, fourth and fifth year children of primary school in Canavese, carried out with the support of the Metalworking and Manufacturing Companies Group (GAM) of Confindustria Canavese.


La grande invasione

We are partners of La grande Invasione, the reading festival that takes place annually in Ivrea.

Our social commitment also takes the form of attention to education and culture.


Atlantide 2.0

“Atlantide 2.0” is a project conceived by ANGSA Piemonte and the Andirivieni cooperative of Rivarolo and financed by the CRT Foundation, which aims to offer autistic young people/adults the opportunity to experiment in work contexts according to their potential, difficulties and desires of everyone.

2010- 2015

Il testimone ai testimoni

We supported the event “The Witness to the Witnesses”, the relay of the rights of legality and peace, held in collaboration with Libera and the ASD Tennis Club of Ivrea.

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Forma Foundation

We have contributed to the mission of the Forma Foundation, the Foundation of the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital in Turin, a highly specialized pediatric center of national importance.


Research for Cystic Fibrosis

We have contributed to the mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation, which is committed every day to finding a cure for the most widespread serious genetic disease in Italy.


Dynamo Camp

We have contributed to the mission of Dynamo Camp, which offers free Recreational Therapy programs with specific assistance to children suffering from serious or chronic pathologies, healthy parents and brothers and sisters.