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Certified spray guns: discover how

2 December 2014

Discover all the certifications!


The automatic paint spray guns – entirely designed, manufactured and assembled in our factory – have recently obtained a prestigious recognition: the transfer efficiency certificate, issued by the IPA Fraunhofer laboratories of Stuttgart in Germany.

It is an important public research center, where in October our products were subjected to rigorous tests to verify the actual deposition of the sprayed paint, rather than its dispersion into the environment. All the models subjected to examination (DA, BP, HT, 50TH and 50TH HVLP) were found to be fully compliant with the UNI EN 13996-1 standard, the only one valid in Europe, with an efficiency percentage > 75%. They can therefore be used in Italy, as well as abroad.

AIRCOM®  therefore continues its research and development path, with attention to customer needs, including environmental and regulatory ones.



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