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Fish Finishing

1 March 2023

In the world of tannery, finishing represents an important stage in leather processing, which allows the leather to be colored and polished, or to provide particular effects. Since its foundation, AIRCOM® has designed and produced solutions designed for the tannery world and still continues to study innovative automatic spray guns with more performing technologies. In the more than 50-year history of the company, the spray guns have sprayed pigments on hides of bovine origine, sheep-goat origin, on exotic leathers and on eco-leather: but what happens when the same guns are used for finishing on fish? Let’s find out together.

A successful story

Spraying on fish skin allows the use of a product, normally considered a waste in the fishing industry, which can be used for the production of fashion accessories, shoes and decorative elements. We had the opportunity to collaborate with an Icelandic company, Nordic Fish Leather, which deals with the finishing of salmon, cod and wolffish skins: the use of fish skin represents a very ancient Icelandic tradition that dates back to the viking of the island in the 9th century, when the settlers used it for the production of objects of daily use. In the late 20th century modern tanning techniques were then introduced to make fish skin usable for longer. This was successful and today the fish leather produced by Nordic Fish Leather is used for a wide variety of products, such as shoes, belts, bags and accessories.

The collaboration with this beautiful company was born when Hlynur Ársælsson, the CEO of Nordic Fish Leather, contacted us asking for assistance in replacing the spray guns on the spray line to apply both the transparent finish and the finish with colored pigments on the leather fish: the company was used to working with the historic AIRCOM® gun model, the DA spray gun, mounted on a rotating carousel, but felt the need to improve the finish on its products. Therefore, to ensure an improvement in the production line and an easier use of the system, the company was recommended to use the LR spray gun, designed to be extremely versatile: after some time from the installation of the guns , the new atomizers proved to be the correct choice, as they helped to “achieve a better and more even finishing on our fish leather.” and are “more stable and the spray is easy to control” as shared with us by CEO Hlynur Ársælsson.

How can we help you?

In AIRCOM® we have been specialized for more than 50 years in automatic spray guns: in addition to the products available in the catalogue, AIRCOM® has an internal R&D department, which allows customers to have customized products for their needs. Contact our customer care to find out how we can help you.


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