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7 October 2022

New projects in AIRCOM®

AIRCOM® continues with innovation and with the design of new products, designed for specific markets and needs. Find out how the new machinery introduced in the company allowed us to design a new product equipped with air-assisted technology and intended for the wood coating market.


How did we design the new product?

The products in our catalog are very varied and cover most of your spraying or misting needs. Considering the continuous evolution of market needs, we felt the need to have a product specifically designed for the wood finishing sector, with particular attention to:

  • painting of wooden panels
  • painting of semi-finished wood products
  • finishing of doors and windows
  • painting of wooden components
  • nebulization of impregnating agents or primers


The R&D department, responsible for the design and development of new products, has therefore studied an innovative gun from a technological point of view that allows to exploit the most used technology in the wood finishing sector, namely the air-assisted technology.

What does air-assisted mean?

The air-assisted  technology is a spraying technology that allows to reduce the consumption of paint and reduce management costs, improving the quantity of finished products and preserving the environment.
It exploits a high fluid pressure, between 20 and 200 bar, which offers an excellent finishing quality, allowing a uniform distribution of the paint on the surface.
This type of technology enriches the AIRCOM® catalog with an important range of products, conceived and designed to meet the needs of a growing market: the product, currently under design, will soon be prototyped and available in the catalog.

How does prototyping take place?

The new AIRCOM® gun with air-assisted technology has been studied by our R&D department and is in the design phase: using the new 3D printer, recently acquired by the company (we talked about it here), the initial project took the form of printing of a first prototype of the Nylon12 powder gun, which will soon be subjected to tests and checks to ensure its operation.
The new product, once approved and tested, will be included in the catalog and will expand the range of guns designed for wood finishing.

What products can I use for wood varnishing?

AIRCOM® already has several products for wood finishing at its disposal, which allow to obtain excellent finished surfaces, exploiting:

  • an airless technology: airless atomization
  • an HVLP technology: high volume with low pressure
  • a conventional technology: standard working pressures


Discover the guns already available in the catalog for this sector: read the article in which we talk about wood painting or consult the Wood section where you will find all the guns designed for this sector.


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