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Spraying on Food

14 November 2022

What products to choose for food spraying?


Knowing which products are most suitable to be used for spraying on food is an advantage in production and guarantees an increase in finished products in less time and with considerable product savings.

Companies in the food sector can deal with different types of processing, such as:


  • spraying fluids such as oils or butters
  • spraying chocolate or other food liquids
  • application of release agents on baking molds


In the food world, nebulization represents an important phase of food processing: being a constantly evolving market, it requires constant research for quality, knowledge, flexibility and cooperation, in order to obtain final products without defects.


This is why companies invest in the improvement of their production plants, with an ever greater push in the use of automatic systems that allow greater precision and greater material savings.



A practical example

In many companies, automatic spraying on food is possible thanks to robots and spray guns that spray the product on the food concerned in a uniform way.

Thanks to automatic nebulization, it is possible to ensure excellent product transfer and greater control of the quantity of atomized or poured product.

Recently the AIRCOM® company had the opportunity to collaborate with EQUIRODMO, a company located in Colombia that deals with the automation of food production lines. The company’s need was to spray chocolate on sweets, making production easier while respecting the standards imposed in the food sector.

Therefore, considering the processing pressures of the plant, the choice of the gun for chocolate pouring was the HT-X spray gun, characterized by internal passages in stainless steel, specific for the food sector.

Here is our spray gun in action.

How can we help you?

At AIRCOM® we have been specialized for more than 50 years in automatic spray guns: we take care of the design, production and quality control of the guns in our plant and we are able to guarantee high transfer efficiency (discover our certifications).


We have thought and designed products suitable for the most diverse sectors of application: in addition to the products available in the catalog, AIRCOM® has an internal R&D department, which allows customers to have customized products for their needs.

Discover the guns suitable for the Food sector


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