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The new gasket kit

3 March 2007

One gasket kit, infinite benefits

The safety acquired thanks to the long experience and the ability to evolve, to seek solutions able to meet the ever new market needs, has allowed AIRCOM® to develop the innovative gasket kit, a product with great potential.

Designed to best meet the needs of the new water and / or solvent-based paint formulations, this kit is present in all AIRCOM® DA, HT, BP, AB HVLP guns sold starting from spring 2007. It was born to replace, surpassing them, the current seals.

The kit is retrofittable because it can also be mounted on all old guns. Its use is recommended, in fact, to replace the traditional washers, on guns subject to revision.

The specially designed alternation of plastic gaskets (in pure PTFE) and elastic (in fluorine elastomer with a high fluorine content) ensures a longer life in critical situations. The new generation kit does not require any initial or periodic registration and is sold pre-assembled in a compass, another great plus, which only needs to be screwed on.

Minimum maintenance, extreme ease of assembly, optimized performance, significant reduction in machine downtime thanks to the possibility of replacing the gasket without removing the gun from the system. . . the advantages, both economically and functionally, are therefore manifold.


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