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Our Treedom forest

4 October 2022

AIRCOM® for a sustainable commitment

AIRCOM® has always been committed to creating solutions that meet the needs of the market and that respond to environmental needs, which are increasingly fundamental in the reality in which we live.
In addition to an accurate production of spray guns, it is necessary to take concrete steps to defend and safeguard our planet: let’s discover the steps taken by AIRCOM® for a sustainable commitment.

What does Efficiency mean?

One of the key points that distinguishes AIRCOM® is efficiency, in the production of products, in the assistance provided to customers and in attention to the environmental problem.

An important aspect of AIRCOM® efficiency is attention to the environment, which is expressed in different ways both in the production of spray guns and in the environmental commitments carried out by the company:

Our products respect the environment because they create little overspray, therefore they do not pollute with the nebulization fog and allow to save paint during spraying: the overspray reduction and the high transfer efficiency of the guns are also certified by the IPA Fraunhofer
The guns are environmentally friendly, as they are produced from totally recyclable materials: the aluminum, brass and steel used for the production of the parts that make up the various products come from safe sources and are also recyclable
The company is committed every year to support environmental projects: for a year, we have seen our forest grow on Treedom, designed to make a positive and concrete contribution to the planet.

What is the Green Matters forest?

Our motto is Finishing Matters, because this is the world in which we work and that we have known for more than 50 years: finishing matters to us and the world of industrial painting is the one in which we operate with experience, constantly innovating our products. We found ourselves thinking what else matters, matters to us, how we could make a positive and concrete contribution to the planet: we thus came across the initiative promoted by Treedom for the growth and grounding of trees in different areas of the world. So we thought of creating our corporate forest, and what better name than Green Matters to indicate our commitment: safeguarding our planet is one of the challenges of our times, and planting trees in different areas of the world has both benefits and positive effects. on the planet and on local communities in the areas where trees are planted.

Thanks to Treedom, we have planted 200 trees in South America, between Colombia, Guatemala and Ecuador and we decided to give these trees to customers and employees to thank them for the trust placed in us: the growth of the plant can be followed personally by the person to whom has been entrusted and this allows you to see the positive impact it is having on the environment and locals and is an incentive to continue planting trees to reforest the planet.

This is how the step taken by AIRCOM® certified our sustainable commitment and can be a concrete help to the planet.





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