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Discover AIRCOM® FF!

26 October 2023

In the vast panorama of the manufacturing industry, few companies can boast a history as rich in success and innovation as AIRCOM®. Founded in the 1960s as a small workshop specialized in the production of spray guns for finishing, the company has been able to grow and establish itself as a point of reference in the sector. Over the years, AIRCOM® has continued to invest in research and development, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology applied to industrial painting: the internal design department deals with the design of new products on a daily basis, which can be customized according to customer requests.


Precisely from listening to the customer and paying attention to market demands, the AIRCOM® FF spray gun was born. This engineering jewel combines years of experience and know-how with the latest technologies available on the market, with a set of features that make the AIRCOM® FF a one-of-a-kind product:


  • Integrated washing circuit: the AIRCOM® FF has a lateral passage that allows you to wash the product circuit. It is also designed for use with a rod and a nozzle which ensure a self-cleaning effect.


  • Adjustment valve and High cycles: the gun has a spray pattern adjustment valve, which can be operated manually, which allows you to adjust the atomization width; furthermore, it is equipped with a pneumatic control which guarantees high spray cycles.


  • FDA Compliance: the product is entirely made of stainless steel, ensuring FDA compliance for use in the food sector.


  • Quick Release: the gun can be supplied with a quick release block, the QRB2, which allows you to remove the gun from the system with the simple gesture of a hand.


  • Gun body Heated up to 45°: the gun body can be heated, via the HSB device, up to a temperature of 45° to maintain the fluidity of the products to be dispensed.


From a small artisan workshop to the current developments in the atomization sector, the company has demonstrated that the passion for innovation is the engine of success. With the AIRCOM® FF spray gun, the company confirms itself as a point of reference in the sector, offering finishing professionals a tool that will change the way this process is conceived.


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