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Green transformation

4 April 2022

Aircom invests in the research and development of safe products and new technologies

Because the best results require the best tools.

The pandemic has shown how much the development of innovations for a sustainable future is a goal to be pursued in the shortest possible time. Among the most dynamic sectors in the world, the Fashion Industry is today an effective lever for the progress of social and ecological development policies capable of guiding the business world towards a conscious and virtuous use of the resources at our disposal. Innovation, together with the culture of safety and the environment, is today the cornerstone that determines the success of a company: the goal has become that of creating products that are not only performing and effective, but also sustainable, designed and designed with renewable materials, attentive to human health and the place where we live.

Within the fashion system, the leather and leather supply chain is active in promoting technological solutions capable of guaranteeing low carbon emissions, reduced environmental impact for the protection of biodiversity and sustainable development of production processes.

In this context, Aircom has had a decisive push towards machinery innovation and the digital transformation of the production process: alongside the need for a state-of-the-art machine park, the continuous improvement of products is also fundamental with a view to optimizing the production process. processing times and reduction in material consumption and related polluting emissions into the atmosphere. The commitment for the next few years is to increasingly reduce carbon emissions, waste and to use materials from renewable sources.


The digital and green tools

At Aircom, innovation means growth, in any business field: recently the digital transformation process has had great impetus, with the redesign of the new company website (now accessible at and the digital infrastructure on which the customers.

What has changed?

The new interface has been designed to make navigation simple and intuitive, allowing you to choose the right gun for your needs based on the type of application: the new website and the new corporate image are the new point of contact with the public.

How does sustainability materialize in this new project?

Aircom has digitized the technical materials of its products: instruction manuals, explanatory videos, FAQs, communication channels will all be online. This digital archive, always accessible from any device, will allow customers to find all the necessary information at anytime and to save these files on their devices: this will reduce the amount of printed paper and allow for constant updating of existing materials.

In the wake of the progressive use of QR Codes over the last year, all materials will be correlated with codes that will allow customers to reach the desired page in a few seconds.

The site and the digital archive will also be accessible from the pages of our authorized dealers: the partnership with the Tannery Equipment Team will allow Aircom and customers to be in close contact and to be able to collaborate for the development of new technologies.

Here’s how the best tools make the best results possible.


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