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Airless spray guns

16 October 2020

Let’s discover the advantages of an automatic airless gun

What does Airless mean?

The Airless category (literally “without air”) indicates a type of airless spray painting, with which the material is nebulized at high pressure on a surface without the use of air. This type of technology can be used in the manufacturing process of industrial materials and supplies, in the finishing of wood, metals and plastics.


How does Airless technology work?

The automatic airless guns work thanks to airless pumps that work at high pressure: the pump piston produces the pressure that transports the material to the outlet valve, so that the material can be atomized by the gun through the nozzle.


What are the advantages of Airless painting?

Choosing an automatic airless spray gun allows:

  • Savings, because it takes less time to finish;
  • High quality of painting;
  • Uniformity of the finish;
  • Reduction of overspray;
  • Adaptability to any surface.

The advantages mentioned here refer to cases in which an optimal configuration of the product is guaranteed: otherwise, the formation of overspray and a non-excellent finish is possible.


What products can it be used with?

Automatic airless guns are ideal for finishing with:

  • transparent and pigmented paints
  • enamels
  • nitro, synthetic and polyurethane paints
  • spray fillers, thick bases, inorganic zinc, gypsum
  • water-based paints, zinc powder, washable tempera on prefabricated buildings,waterproofing
  • epoxy-light, tempera on civil, washable with quartz for exteriors
  • fire retardant and flame retardant paints: for products where high thicknesses arerequired

Airless gun A16

Airless gun A81

Airless feed pumps


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