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Complete systems

AIRCOM® is committed to creating complete systems, which allow you to start production in a short time.

FF Series

Type: HVLP

The new AIRCOM® FF is a compact spray gun, which offers fan adjustment and a washing circuit. All FDA compliant.



Type: Accessories

The AIRCOM® QRB2 allows you to remove the FF-Q gun from the system with a simple hand gesture.


Type: Accessories

The AIRCOM® HSB allows the gun body to remain at a temperature of approximately 45°C.


The AIRCOM® FF-Q offers the possibility of combining the gun with a quick release block, the AIRCOM® QRB2, and a heating device, the AIRCOM® HSB.


Thickness Gauges

Type: Accessories

AIRCOM® thickness gauges are must-have products, and their use is made easy by the relationship between handle and lever.