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Sustainable tannery

28 May 2021

Progress towards a sustainable future

The Fashion Industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world, always looking for innovation and progress: it is characterized by a look projected towards the future, with collections and fashion shows that present the fashion trends for the following seasons to the world. Thanks to its impact on daily life, the fashion industry has the fundamental role of guiding the world of industry towards a more sustainable future: in recent years, in fact, the term “sustainability” has had great resonance and attention in many areas, and the aim is increasingly to plan a future that is attentive to social and ecological development, aware of the resources at our disposal.

The key element that distinguishes a company therefore becomes innovation, combined with attention to the environment and safety: the goal has become that of creating products that are not only performing and effective, but also sustainable, conceived and designed with renewable materials, attentive to human safety and health. The leather and leather sector, a specific area of the fashion industry, is promoting some initiatives concerning the tanning and footwear industries: the aim is to provide technological solutions that can guarantee low carbon emissions, low environmental impact on biodiversity and development sustainable production processes.

The Assomac Green Label

In particular, the companies associated with Assomac (National Association of Manufacturers of Footwear, Leather and Tannery Technologies) can join the “Supplier of Sustainable Technologies” initiative, which spreads knowledge about the conscious management of natural resources and the consumption of energy and water, in order to qualify the production process as sustainable. The core of the project is represented by the Green Label, the Assomac green label, which identifies the Italian suppliers of technology for the footwear and tanning industries, after a careful analysis of:

  • energy performance
  • environmental performance

The measurements are carried out according to the international parameters of the CFP (Carbon Footprint), which allows for accurate data on the attention to the environment within industries.


Waste management and sustainable development in West Bengal

At an international level, however, a noteworthy initiative is the one promoted in the Indian state of West Bengal, in which the “Effective waste management and sustainable development” project was implemented: the Indian leather industries will be able to collaborate with some Italian companies that produce cutting-edge leather processing machinery from the point of view of environmental standards. The goal is to bring industry innovations to Indian companies, to ensure more sustainable development in one of the most populous areas on the planet (consider as a reference that Calcutta, the capital of this state, has about 15 million inhabitants).


Aircom’s commitment

In this context, Aircom Original invests in the research and development of all its products, to ensure that they are safe, long-lasting and respectful of the environment. We have always certified automatic spray guns for painting by reliable bodies, to verify that the dispersion of paint into the atmosphere is minimal: a reduced overspray allows us to avoid environmental pollution and to also be able to contain production costs in the finishing phase of the skin.

The commitment for the next few years is to lead the company to reduce carbon emissions more and more, to reduce waste and to use materials from renewable sources: these will all be small steps to improve our approach to the environment and to help create a more sustainable business future.


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