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Sustainability and sensitivity to the environment

7 May 2019

Safety in production processes and protection for the environment: these are the real 4.0 innovations

The term sustainability is increasingly used in the industrial sector, which has as its primary objective that of acting in the present and projecting towards the future: it does not only mean social development, but also economic and ecological development, with particular attention to the management of the resources we have.

Technological innovation linked to environmental and safety issues is one of the elements that determines the quality of a company and its products: it is not surprising that this happens at a time of great awareness of environmental issues and of greater sensitivity towards the problems facing the biosphere.

“Our biosphere is being sacrificed to ensure that rich people in countries like mine can live in luxury. It is the suffering of many that guarantees the well-being of the few. ” – Greta Thunberg

Aircom has long invested in design, research and development, in order to create products that are safe and last over time. In particular, the company’s latest product, the Aircom Eco, is a spray gun designed to achieve two fundamental objectives:

  • attention to the ecological factor of industrial processes and their environmental impact
  • cost reduction during the painting phase.

The Aircom ECO works at very low atomization pressures in order to obtain both a high saving of paint products and a significant reduction of emissions into the atmosphere (certified value according to UNI EN 13 966-1).

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