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18 May 2022

Discover how AIRCOM® brings Made in Italy all over the world

Who are we?

Business reality of great international success, AIRCOM® deals with the design, production and sale of equipment designed for different application areas, from tanning to finishing of wood, glass and plastics, up to more particular applications on molds. The core company business are the automatic guns for industrial painting, produced from certified materials totally Made in Italy.
In the AIRCOM® production site, every work process is subject to continuous innovation: the know-how and professional competence are accompanied by high-precision and technologically advanced equipment. Each component is original by innovation and is subject to continuous evolutions, with particular attention to technical details and product design: each spray gun therefore offers high standards of efficiency, with a design that is attentive to the final aesthetics.
Innovation and creativity are two fundamental points for designing and manufacturing safe and reliable products: this is the secret of the company, which in the last two years has had a decisive boost in investments in this field. On the one hand the innovation of machinery, on the other the digital transformation of the production process: in AIRCOM® growth has taken place, and is still taking place today, both in the machine park with a view to optimizing processing times and reduction of consumption and emissions, both in the offer of products, with the aim of creating real solutions suitable to meet the needs of different sectors.

What do we do?

AIRCOM® has an entrepreneurial vision based on a fundamental point: listening and attention to the customer, his/her needs and his/her necessities.
From here, a tailor-made approach is born: the products offered are not standardized, but they are designed on the basis of the needs of each individual customer. This allows for a great  production flexibility, with the possibility for the customer to have spray guns which are completely adaptable to the characteristics of the system, the type of surface to be painted and the type of liquid to be nebulized.
Every year, to meet the new demands from various markets, great investments are made in training, in research and development projects, in implementation of new technologies and innovative strategies, as well as sustainable solutions to protect the environment.
The customer thus becomes a central part in the process of creating new products: periodically, AIRCOM® launches new products on the market that reflect the new trends and take advantage of the latest technologies, based both on the requests of their customers and on market research, both nationally and internationally.
Great attention is also paid on after-sales assistance.

How do we do it?

Innovation means growth, especially in the digital world: the digital transformation process in the company was realised  with the new website (now accessible at and with the digital infrastructure on which customers are welcomed.
In order to offer solutions to the most asked questions, all products have been distinguished for categories of application and by sectors: customers can therefore easily find the spray gun which is the best suited for their needs and, for each product, they can receive the assistance they need.
The new interface makes it easy to find all the updated technical manuals and all product data sheets: in addition, two constantly updated sections are the FAQs on our products and tutorials illustrating how to use our products, how to perform the maintenance and how to replace spare parts to extend the life of the sprayers.
Customers can contact our technical assistance both through the site and through the company’s social media channels, on which company and sector updates are published.
The international drive of the company, confirmed by the high percentage of exports of products, is recently helped by the publication of the website in English, which will be followed by publications
in the languages ​​of greatest interest for product requests: in this way, foreign contacts will be simplified and will find localized pages for their needs.
Internationalization and Made in Italy merge: the certified Italian character of the products is now ready to travel internationally.


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