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Discover AIRCOM®’s technical updates: new products, innovations in spray gun components and company news.

How to replace the head, rod and nozzle

Find out how to replace the head, rod and nozzle on an AIRCOM® automatic spray gun.

Read more 27 January 2021

New turning center

We have invested in the purchase of a new turning center to achieve greater precision: discover the features and how it works!

Read more 8 September 2018

Watch our new corporate videos

AIRCOM® has published its new corporate videos: discover the company, our team and the values that guide our work!

Read more 11 July 2018

The real Quick Release

AIRCOM® has designed the QRB quick release block, which allows you to remove the guns from the spraying carousel with a simple hand gesture.

Read more 30 March 2016

Our guns are certified

Aircom automatic spray guns have the transfer efficiency certificate, issued by the IPA Fraunhofer laboratories in Stuttgart.

Read more 2 December 2014

Discover the new fittings

Discover the new inlet fittings for AIRCOM® automatic spray guns.

Read more 9 July 2012