Aircom Thickness Gauges



AIRCOM® thickness gauges are must-have products, and their use is made easy by the relationship between handle and lever.

AIRCOM® thickness gauges are customizable:

  • with laser stamping directly on the casting.
  • with serigraphy on the internal dial.

The substitution of the pointer and that of the corresponding gear are simple because they can be carried out without disassembling the entire unit.

Casting in sand moulds makes it possible to obtain greater mechanical solidity, and consequently less bending and greater resistance to knocks and falls, and stability of measurement over time.

All this is possible thanks to the design with connecting ribbings that stiffen the structure as well as to the thermic stabilization treatment carried out before mechanical processing on a CN work center.



Pocket thickness gauge
Thickness gauge MV220
Thickness gauge MV310
Thickness gauge MV460

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